Caribé Cuban style

Caribé is a melding of musicians and dancers from Sydney’s Cuban, jazz and Latin communities. The music and choreography integrates elements of traditional Cuban dance and music with a modern jazz aesthetic.

Performances are an immersive experience combining incredible dancing, chanting, jazz-inspired compositions and archival footage of Cuban musicians.

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Caribé presents a fast-paced show with seamless transitions from the acrobatic to the elegant. Their performances provide an opportunity for everyone to enjoy Caribbean flair and skill.

Caribé Show

Classic Cuban rhythms paired with impressive choreography by Adrian Medina define a show of spectacular artistry. This striking and varied stage production with its steamy Caribbean rhythms will transport the audience straight to the heart of Cuba.

The dancers exude unmatched elegance, exoticism and Cubanissimo against a backdrop of archival footage from 50s and 60s Cuba accompanied by an 8-piece band. The culmination of this blend of skills is a unique stage performance, making the show a memorable experience.

The group sound stems from Gai Bryant’s compositions which embody a knowledge of traditional Cuban styles integrated with years of jazz experience.The result is a maverick interpretation of traditional and classic styles that are performed with élan and spirit.

About Caribé

Our story began when Gai invited Sydney-based Cuban dancer Adrian Medina to perform with her Afro-Cuban jazz ensemble at Sydney’s Afro-Latino Festival. Adrian pulled together a group of four Cuban dancers living in Australia and choreographed a hugely successful performance pushing us all into new territory as Caribé.

Caribé’s music and dance performances continue to evolve and grow through the exchange of knowledge and concerts with international Cuban artists including Grammy-nominated pianist/composer Elio Villafranca and Adelaide-based Cuban trumpeter/composer Lazaro Numa. The privilege of working with Adrian, Yarima, Cruz, Emma, Israel and Moro is ongoing as they share their art and the evolution of their culture in Australia with us all.